• To be free of restraints unless they are used for your own well-being; to have restraints used only underwritten physician’s order to treat you for medical symptoms and to ensure your safety and the safety of others;
  • to be given psychopharmacologic medication only as ordered by your physician, as part of a written plan of care for a specific medical symptom;
  • to view most recent facility inspection results and any plan of correction submitted;
  • to permit immediate visits by your personal physician and by representatives from state and federal regulatory agencies and the local ombudsman;
  • to permit immediate visits by your relatives and friends at your consent;
  • to permit the local ombudsman to review your clinical record if you grant permission.
  • to allow family members, friends, or other individuals to be present with you for emotional support.

To protect your rights as a patient, this hospital is obligated to:

  • inform you when you become entitled to Medicaid benefits, in writing, at the time of admission or during your stay, whenever changes occur that will affect your bill, and do not require that you give up your rights to Medicaid and provide information about how to apply for Medicaid;
  • inform you of the items and services included in the state plan for which you cannot be charged;
  • inform you of the items and services for which you can be charged and the amount of charges for those items and services;
  • inform you before and after the time of admission and periodically throughout your stay of services available in this facility and of charges for those services, including any charges for services not covered under Medicare or by the facility’s per diem rate;
  • inform you in advance about the care and treatment and or any changes in that care or treatment that may affect your well being;
  • inform you in advance, unless you are adjudged incompetent or otherwise found to be incapacitated under the laws of the state, that you may participate in planning your care and treatment or changes in your care or treatment;
  • inform you of reasons for restricted visit times to you and your family;
  • inform you in advance of the reason for transfer or discharge from this facility. This facility will conform to the following;
  1. Timing: At least 30 days in advance, or as soon as possible if more immediate changes in your health require a more immediate transfer.
  2. Content: Reasons for transfer; date; location to which transfer is to be made; your right to appeal the transfer; the name, address and telephone numbers of the ombudsman as well as protection and advocacy programs for the mentally ill and developmentally disabled.
  3. Return to facility: The right to request that a bed be placed on hold, including written information about the facility’s bed hold policy.
  • assist you in preparation and orientation to ensure a safe and orderly transfer from the facility;
  • encourage you to appoint a family member to manage your financial affairs while receiving care at our facility;
  • provide protection against Medicaid discrimination;
  • establish and maintain identical policies and practices regarding transfer and discharge, and the provision of services required under Medicaid for all individuals, regardless of the source of payment;
  • not require a third party to guarantee payment as a condition of admission or continued stay;
  • not charge, solicit, accept or receive gifts, money, donations, or other consideration as a precondition for continued stay.