Understanding Pricing

Our commitment to you includes transparency about our pricing.

Affordable Healthcare

Our mission at Bath Community Hospital (BCH) includes providing our community with high-quality, safe, and affordable health care. Keeping our costs as low as possible without sacrificing any of these important promises to our community is what drives us to always do better. Our commitment to you also includes transparency about our pricing.

When you receive services at BCH, we create a bill of Charges that represents the services and supplies used to treat you. Everyone is charged the same amount for services. Our Charge Master is a list of our charges before applying negotiated rates with payers.

Your Cost, or Out-of-Pocket Expense, will vary depending on whether you are insured or uninsured. For those with insurance, your cost is determined by your insurance plan. For those who are uninsured, we provide upfront discounting and can provide financial assistance to those consumers who can meet certain criteria demonstrating a financial need.

In healthcare, many times the actual payment for services vary depending upon who is paying the bill. Negotiated rates or discounting and, if applicable, financial assistance all reduce the total charge amount to the price actually paid by the consumer.

BCH’s charges correspond to our expenses to provide services to our community and the overall payments we can expect from all sources. We also must consider the amount of services provided to the community that go unpaid, such as bad debt.

Patient Liability Estimator Tool

Below, you will find our new Patient Liability Estimator Tool to help you determine your estimated out-of-pocket costs for at least 300 of our services. Also included is a list of our charges and any reimbursement rates that have been negotiated with insurance companies.

When comparing prices to other organizations, if you find that BCH charges are significantly higher, please contact us as we have financial assistance options that could reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

We want to be your provider of choice and feel that an informed patient can make the best health care decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Please feel free to contact our onsite business office at 540-839-7054 to discuss your pricing directly.

Standard Charges

The standard charges button below will open the standard charges in a machine-readable file.