Bath Community Hospital Joins Forces with CorVista Health to Enhance Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diagnostics

Jeff Snyder, Dr. Scott Crosby, and Horace Gillins

Bath Community Hospital Joins Forces with CorVista Health to Enhance Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diagnostics


Hot Springs, VA  – Bath Community Hospital  is excited to announce its new partnership with CorVista Health, a leader in non-invasive, point-of-care cardio-pulmonary diagnostics. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in our commitment to providing the highest quality of care for our patients within their local communities.

By integrating CorVista Health’s innovative diagnostic system, Bath Community Hospital and Physicians Group will now offer state-of-the-art, non-invasive cardiovascular and pulmonary assessments that are designed to improve patient outcomes and streamline the diagnostic process.

Dr. Scott Crosby, Bath Community Physicians Group Medical Director shared “We are thrilled to partner with CorVista Health.  This partnership allows us to leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance our cardiovascular diagnostic capabilities, providing our patients with quicker, more accurate diagnoses reducing the need for invasive procedures or referrals to specialists outside of their local communities.”

“It’s an alternative to referring patients to cardiologists for like nuclear stress testing or stress echo. And it can be administered by our staff in the clinic, the inpatient side or in ER” said Bath Community Hospital CEO, Jeff Lingerfelt.  “It’s a continued effort to provide care here at home as much as we can in the best and immediate interest of the patient.

Key Benefits for Our Patients:

  • Non-invasive Diagnostics: Reduced discomfort and risk with no invasive procedures required.
  • Improved Patient Experience: Quick turnaround times for diagnostic results, enabling faster treatment decisions.
  • Comprehensive Data: Detailed cardiovascular insights that support personalized and effective patient care plans.


The adoption of CorVista Health’s platform aligns with our ongoing efforts to be a top-quality, critical-access hospital and continually build resources and partnerships to provide a full range of hospital and outpatient services to our local patients. By partnering with CorVista Health to integrate these advanced medical technologies and improve the overall patient experience, our patients will benefit from more precise diagnostics and improved care coordination.


About Bath Community Hospital

Bath Community Hospital, established in 1916, is a 25-bed, not-for-profit, Critical Access Hospital located in Hot Springs, Virginia, in Bath County. Bath Community Hospital provides twenty-four-hour emergency services and a select range of diagnostic services, rehabilitative services, pharmacy, general surgery, wellness center, and Rural Health Clinics.

For more information about our new cardiopulmonary diagnostic capabilities and our partnership with CorVista Health, please contact Lori Hicks, Director of Marketing and Communications, Bath Community Hospital at

About CorVista Health

CorVista Health is dedicated to revolutionizing cardiovascular diagnostics through cutting-edge, point-of-care technologies. Their mission is to provide point-of-care, accurate, and comprehensive cardiovascular assessments to improve patient outcomes and enhance the quality of care. Learn more:

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