Bath Community Hospital Adopts New Patient-Centered Electronic Health Record

Meditech Expanse

Bath Community Hospital Adopts New Electronic Health Record 
Effective July 15, 2024 Bath Community Hospital is proud to announce the
implementation of a new electronic health record (EHR) system utilizing MEDITECH Expanse. This significant initiative has been meticulously planned and prepared for over the years, culminating in the consolidation of patient records across all care settings, integrating physician office and hospital records

With Expanse, clinicians have a clear view of each patient’s medical history – no matter where they may have received care in the past. Information follows patients from the clinics, hospital, and to specialty clinics, so your providers are always kept in the know. The EHR is also designed to fit into a care team’s natural workflow, so they can review orders with patients right at the bedside or in the clinic setting.
Ensuring a smooth patient experience is important to us. And we know that the right technology can make a big difference.

Here are some of the ways that MEDITECH Expanse will improve your experience at Bath Community Hospital and Bath Community Physicians Group:

●  A single electronic medication record, allergy record, and medical history ensures patient safety and supports informed clinical decision-making

●  You get more face-time with your doctors, when they can place orders, document, and review information at the point of care.

●  It’s easier for providers to detect subtle changes in a patient’s condition, so they can quickly take action before issues become harder to manage.

● Virtual visits enable patients to stay connected with their providers, even when mobility or other issues prevent them from seeing their doctor in person.

● With one convenient online Patient Portal, patients can easily manage their own conditions, view test results and histories, contact their Primary Care Provider, and request medication refills between visits.

● The new MHealth app makes it easy for patients to share self-generated health  data with their providers, bring family members or health proxies up to date, and manage their wellness journey, using any smartphone or web-enabled device.

● Automated appointment reminders give patients advanced notice of their  upcoming appointments, without unnecessary phone calls.

The transition to MEDITECH Expanse, effective July 15, brings significant advantages to Bath Community Hospital, our four Rural Health Clinics, and the community we serve,” states Bath Community Hospital CEO, Jeff Lingerfelt. “Our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional patient care is strengthened by Expanse’s centralized platform for comprehensive patient information. Our Board of Directors recognizes the vital role this new technology will play in supporting our mission of providing high-quality and affordable care”.

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