Bath Community Hospital Acquires New State of the Art X-Ray Machine

Bath Community Hospital’s Manager of Radiology, Kathy Elmore, and CEO, Jeff Lingerfelt, guide members of the hospital’s Community Advisory Coalition through a tour of the radiology department to view a new X-Ray Machine, the Siemens’ Luminos Agile Max. This machine is the first patient-side fluoroscopy and radiography system with dynamic flat-panel detector technology, a height-adjustable table, and true dual-use capability. It offers several advantages, including better detection of small structures due to improved contrast and image quality over image intensifier systems, a larger field of view compared to Image Intensifiers results in better patient coverage and faster exams, and reduced dose compared to image intensifier systems.

In November of 2022, BCCH suffered an electrical fire in the x-ray room at Bath Community Hospital. The fire department and Seimens engineers conducted a post-fire assessment, and it became apparent that the x-ray machine was severely damaged and had to be replaced. The community and facility continued to deal with the ramifications of the Covid epidemic, and part of the process of accessing and evaluating potential treatment for Covid is a chest x-ray. Bath Community Hospital made due utilizing a portable machine to perform these procedures and is now enjoying a long-term solution of acquiring state-OF-THE-ART and fixed x-ray machine that provides the best results for the community.

The department provides a full spectrum of routine diagnostic services. X-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds are available routinely and in emergencies. In addition, mammography appointments can be made through the radiology department without a doctor’s referral. The Radiology Department is staffed with board-certified radiologists and licensed technicians. Please contact (540) 839-7037, or email for more information.

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