Mission Statement
Bath Community Hospital accepts primary responsibility for improving the health and wellness of our community by providing high quality, safe, compassionate, and affordable health care.

Vision Statement
Bath Community Hospital will become the preeminent choice for healthcare and wellness in our community.


Core Values

Respect – Value and admire patients and employees regardless of their age, race, gender, or socio-economic status.

Excellence – Provide a premier patient experience that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of our patients by delivering care that is seamless, evidence-based and value driven.

Safety – Create a healthcare environment free from harm.

Integrity – Honor our commitments by doing what is legal, moral and ethical.

Compassion – Extend genuine, warmth and empathy in all interactions.



Kathy Landreth, Chief Executive Officer
Deb Shipman, Chief Financial Officer
Kari Lightner, Chief Operating Officer

Amy Simmons, Executive Director, Health, Wellness, and Business Development
Pat Foutz, Chief Compliance Officer
Cara Major, Executive Director, Human Resources and Support Services
Joy Skovira, Executive Director, Quality and Nursing Services


Board Members

Timothy Pistell, Chair
G. Scott Hetzer, Vice-Chair
Laurens Sartoris, Secretary

Jay Bonfili
Ralph Clark, MD

David Cowden
Traywick Duffie

G. Scott Hetzer
Kathy Landreth
John Loeffler

George Phillips

Sarah McWilliams
Tamra Stall, MD
G. Dastgir Qureshi, MD

Charles Reed
Meade Snyder

Kathy Landreth, CEO



Advisory Members

Terry King
Wiley Kling
Tracy Phillips
Kim Rexrode, FNP