Eric Guiterez, MA, LPC

Eric Gutierrez, MA, LPC

Behavioral Health

  • Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies – Liberty University.
  • Master of Arts in Professional Counseling – Liberty University

Eric’s journey in counseling began in 2012 when he joined Total Life Counseling, Inc., in Roanoke, Virginia. As a licensed professional counselor, Eric has been providing compassionate care to individuals and families in need since earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biblical Studies and a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.

Eric’s dedication to helping others extends beyond his counseling practice. For several years, he has served as an Associate Pastor, providing spiritual guidance and support to his congregation. Additionally, he has assisted children with emotional disorders from grades K to 12.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Eric finds joy and fulfillment in his family life. He is happily married to his wife Jennifer of twenty years, and together they are blessed with five children. Eric’s strong family values and personal experiences contribute to his empathetic approach to counseling, allowing him to connect with individuals and families on a deeper level.

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